Woman claims to be oldest person alive after celebrating 119th birthday

Seker Arslan was born on June 27, 1902 with a driver’s license issued by her family. She celebrated the milestone with her closest relatives at home in the city of Amasya, Turkey

Seker Arslan turned 119, but the number on her birthday cake was 120 (

Image: Newsflash)

A Turkish woman who just celebrated her 119th birthday claims to be the oldest person alive.

According to his identity card, Seker Arslan was born on June 27, 1902.

On Sunday, she celebrated her birthday with her relatives in her house in the northern city of Amasya, reported the Turkish media.

But even though she is 119 years old since she was born in 1902, her birthday cake had the number 120 on it.

Arslan has six children and 12 grandchildren and is believed to have inherited their longevity from their mother, who lived to be 110 years old.

Her daughter, Serap Yueksel, believes that her mother lived long since she always has natural foods like butter, honey and cheese.

Seker Arslan’s identity card



The woman also has a boiled egg for breakfast every day, Serap explained.

She said, “Butter, honey and cheese were always on the table. She leavened her yogurt herself. She still has a boiled egg for breakfast.”

According to Serap, her mother only regrets that she has no great-grandchildren yet.

Seker is still surrounded by relatives as she lives with her daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren.

She celebrated the milestone with her family at home



The family became frightened when they contracted Covid-19 six months ago as they feared for the woman’s health.

But even though they shared the same room as their older relative, they did not pass the virus on to her and her coronavirus test came back negative.

On June 27, Arslan spent most of her special day praying and remembering the past with her relatives by her side.

Seker reportedly inherited her longevity from her mother



She also found the time to have a visit from Mesudiye Altun Guerlevik, president of the ruling Justice and Development Party’s local women’s association, who wished her a happy birthday.

Local officials want her birthday to be recognized so she can claim the oldest living title.

It would overtake current record holder Kane Tanaka of Japan, who was born on January 2, 1903.


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