Woman devastated as bar staff and bouncers 'humiliate' her for 'taking too long’ in toilet

One woman says she was “humiliated” in a bar toilet after being confronted by staff and bouncers.

The bar-goer says it was grilled by the venue staff because it “took too long”.

The woman who carries a colostomy pouch got her treatment out of the Empire bar in northwest England.

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The echo reports that the woman who does not wish to be identified said in a Facebook post: “I have never been so humiliated or discriminated against in my life.

“The Empire Bar on Westfield St. Helens attacked me because I had been on the toilet too long, my colostomy bag was leaking, and I cleaned myself and changed my bags by the manager and three bouncers.”

She added, “I told him how I was treated and humiliated by all of his staff, that I had to show my bag to more or less all of his staff, which really upset me.

“I’m so disgusted and upset about their behavior and the way they treated me and my disability. It’s disgusting and disrespectful and degrading to discriminate against me.”

The Empire Bar in St. Helens made a statement.

“Last night one of our customers came to the bar and asked one of the staff (not the manager) if they could check a toilet cubicle because the door was locked for about 10/15 minutes and there was no response from there.” it read.

“The barmaid went into the toilet and knocked on the door that got no answer.

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“The barmaid then knocked again and received a response saying to say ‘F *** OFF I’M DOING MY TASCHE’.

They said the woman was never asked to show her colostomy bag but took it upon herself to show it to the staff.

It goes on to say, “After this incident, the woman in question stayed in the bar drinking and when she decided to leave, she spoke to the manager and owner off the premises to explain what had happened.

“The manager and owner apologized for the misunderstanding as the answer to the bar staff,” Damn, I’m making my bag “isn’t really the right answer.

“The woman in question then agreed with us and accepted our apology just as we did when she apologized for speaking to the staff in this way. We don’t discriminate [against] everyone!”

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