Woman 'died' in hospital eight times after refusing Covid jab

A woman who refused Covid vaccinations “died” eight times after being hospitalized with the virus and sepsis.

Gemma Roberts’ heart stopped several times as doctors struggled to save her life, and she’s now pushing other people to get the sting – after telling doctors and nurses, “Please don’t let me die”.

And her partner says, “I want people to know they don’t believe the anti-Vaxxer junk. We have been brainwashed.”

Gemma, 35, said she was only alive today thanks to the medical staff at Warrington Hospital The mirror.

Her ordeal began when she was hospitalized and placed on a ventilator in August – where she stayed for two months.

“At first I thought it was just a hangover since I had been to a wedding the weekend before. But then I tested positive,” she said.

“At first I felt tired and sick and then I got out of breath when I went to the bathroom.

“When they said they were going to take me to the hospital, I thought they’d give me some oxygen and let me out again.

“I have no underlying health problems and this is my first time in the hospital.”

She said that she was eternally grateful to Collette Thomas, who kept telling her that she would survive.

Gemma told The mirror: “I remember saying to doctors and nurses, ‘Please don’t let me die’.

“Before I was put to sleep, I called my partner Sophie and said, ‘You have to put me to sleep, but I’m fine.’

“But there were moments when I thought I might be a loser here. I wish I had the vaccine sooner, I think everyone should have it now.

“I was one of those people who was afraid of the sting. I heard that he killed people.

“I risked it and almost didn’t get through. Medics saved my life, I’ll listen to them now.

“I feel guilty about what I did to my family because I didn’t know if I was going to wake up.”

The former Eddie Stobart employee also battled two attacks of sepsis – a life-threatening reaction to an infection – in the hospital.

Her partner Sophie Holmes, 39, said it caused a rash over Gemma’s body that “looked like she had been scolded”.

Sophie said paramedics rushed Gemma to the hospital after calling 111 on Aug. 11.

“They put her on a CPAP machine and on the 13th they said they were going to put her to sleep because her oxygen wasn’t good enough.

“Everything was going crazy there. On the 14th she had a cardiac arrest. Her heart stopped and she needed CPR and resuscitation.

“They brought her back. A week later she had another one and was brought back again. She then had a few days before the next.

“On August 31, she had four cardiac arrests. At that point she had been ventilated for three weeks. Then she had another cardiac arrest.

“The longest time she was dead was 10 minutes. Every time the doctors did cardiopulmonary resuscitation and brought her back to me, I couldn’t ask for more.

“We weren’t vaccinated and we don’t have any underlying health problems, we’re just a little chubby – that’s it. The doctors saved her life.

“I want people to know not to believe the anti-Vaxxer junk. We have been brainwashed.”

Sophie proposed marriage to Gemma after she woke up

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