Woman finds huge huntsman spider hanging from corner of shower

A petrified woman had to be warned to move a giant hunter spider lurking in her shower in case it should fall on her.

Cathy Cox found the terrifying looking creature curled up in her bathroom in Perth, Australia.

Not knowing what to do, she reached out to members of a spider identification group on Facebook for advice.

Cathy said, “I have what I think is a beautiful hunter in my shower.

“She’s out of danger, but should I move her?

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“FYI’s heart is racing at the thought of the latter.”

Members advised her to move the spider in case steam from the shower slipped off the wall. the Daily Mail reports.

One user suggested moving the spider to a “cozy” place.

They said they couldn’t imagine “terrible things” anymore than the spider that “falls on your shoulder”.

Members of the Facebook group were appalled by the close-up shots of the 4.5 cm spider that Cathy uploaded, which make the spider appear even bigger than it actually is.


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