Woman gets trapped in quicksand after trying new shortcut through sewer site

The woman is believed to have tried a shortcut after high winds blew down the fences but needed help after getting stuck in waist-deep mud

Woman stuck in the mud at Mallow, Cork (

Image: Cork Live WS)

A woman trying to take a shortcut through a new sewer system had to be rescued after being stuck in the mud up to her waist.

The fire department was called to the scene in Mallow, North Cork, at lunchtime on Monday.

It is believed that she tried the shortcut after the fence was blown down by high winds over the weekend.

The wide strip of mud is on the site of a new main sewer that is being installed as part of works in the area.

Two Mallow Fire Service units responded quickly after Gardai, who had been called to the scene, asked her to help safely rescue the woman from the drifting sand-like conditions.

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The wide strip of mud is on the site of a new main sewer that is being installed as part of works in the area


Cork Beo WS)

Johnathan Madden, station manager at Mallow, said they had arrived and were quick to assess the situation.

He said to CorkBe: “We were asked for help, the woman was waisted, she was probably looking for a shortcut and parts of the side are tight enough, it was just that it was in a place where mud was being topped up and was very loose. ”

“We have a catwalk that we can use to rescue water, mud and snow, we inflated it and two firefighters could come out and dig it out by hand with shovels.”

The chief of the fire station said the woman was “quite shaken” by her ordeal, but was examined on site by paramedics and was largely no worse for her cool, muddy ordeal.

The construction site has been secured and work continues.

The Cork County Fire Department has reminded the public not to attempt to access such locations as they can be dangerous.

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