Home World News Woman jailed for breaching Covid-19 rules after stopping for petrol

Woman jailed for breaching Covid-19 rules after stopping for petrol

Woman jailed for breaching Covid-19 rules after stopping for petrol

A woman for violating the Isle of Man’s strict coronavirus rules has been jailed.

Amie Murphy, 36, broke the rules by stopping to buy gasoline after arriving on the island by ferry on September 18.

Strictly under the Isle of Man Covid-19 Rules Anyone arriving on the island by ferry or plane must self-isolate for 14 days to stop the virus from spreading.

After realizing that her gasoline light indicated that she might be going out soon, she got gas on the way home and went to the store to pay for it.

A court heard that Murphy was fully aware of the rules – after a ferry employee helped her fill out a landing card and explained the self-isolation rules she’d agreed to.

She told the saleswoman that she had “just got off the boat” and that he had opened the forecourt early for her.

Murphy was reported to police after telling his manager about the events later that morning.

When the police called her home, she became aggressive and verbally abused officers, the court heard.

Lockdown in the Isle of Man ended June 15 after the community broadcast ended.

However, there are now three people with the virus who developed symptoms while isolating at home – reports the Manchester Evening News.

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There are currently no social distancing rules in place in the Isle of Man. Pubs, restaurants, cinemas and gyms are open as usual.

Murphy is a caregiver for a man in his eighties who was traveling with her.

She said she ran out of gas and told the police, “What else should I do?”

Her defense said she was in a “tired condition” and had shown a “serious loss of judgment”.

Peter Taylor, who defended himself, said she hadn’t realized her car was running out of fuel and didn’t think stopping to refuel was “an unreasonable thing”.

Murphy, of Ramsey, previously admitted to crimes involving non-compliance with an emergency authority order.

The judges detained her for four weeks.

She was also sentenced to one week in prison after admitting that she resisted the arrest.

Judges sentenced Murphy, saying the island was doing its “best to keep Covid-19 out” and the rules had been explained to her.

She is the fifth person to be jailed for violating the island’s strict isolation policy.

No pleas have been filed against two driving crime charges, and her next appearance at the Douglas Courthouse will be on October 15.




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