Woman knocked under train in sickening attack by teens in front of passengers

Shocking CCTV images show the moment when a woman is pushed onto the rails in the gap between a train and the platform.

The shocking incident took place in Dublin, Ireland, when the victim was nudged by a teenage bike.

The pictures from Howth Junction station show that the woman barely avoids serious injuries.

She fell through the gap seconds after the teen and another boy tried to do the same to another woman. DublinLive.ie Reports.

CCTV footage from the Irish Mirror shows the attacker in a red jacket throwing his body at the first passenger who manages to avoid him.

She is then attacked by one of the boys on a bicycle, who lifts his bike but does not make contact either.

This is followed by the black-haired victim, who rushes to the train, but whose path is blocked by the two hooligans.

The first boy in red points his head at the woman again, but she manages to avoid him.

The boy behind him, pushing his bike across the platform, lifts the steering wheel and nudges the woman with the front.

It happened at Howth Junction Station last month

The slight contact makes the woman stumble and fall onto the tracks between the platform and the train.

Although the duo clearly endangered the woman’s life and initially panicked slightly, it continues as if nothing had happened.

A security guard at the intersection is made aware of the incident by others on the platform and can prevent the train from moving.

With the help of friendly citizens waiting for their trains, the security guard can pull the woman back onto the platform and save her life.

A source has shown that especially at this intersection, anti-social behavior by fearless youth gangs prevails.


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