Woman left walking home 'basically naked' after dress fell apart in nightclub

A woman was humiliated after her dress fell to pieces in one night and she was forced to go home, barely able to cover herself.

But when she complained to the seller, she was told that buying a larger size would have been a good idea.

Destiny Campbell walked back to her hotel and held her dress around her and her underwear was in view after her dress suddenly fell apart on New Years Eve. The 21-year-old had traveled to Liverpool to celebrate the start of 2022 but said she began to crumble shortly after midnight, less than two hours after putting on the chainmail.

Destiny, who is a size 10/12, quickly left the crowded club and rushed back to her hotel to maintain her modesty, but says the only part of the dress that remained intact was the neck.

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Destiny paid £ 75 for Sorelle UK’s M size silver dress in November and said she couldn’t wait to wear it. But when the sales and marketing consultant contacted Sorelle UK about a refund, she said she was further humiliated when the company told her she should have chosen the “size up” option.

Sorelle UK claimed it was not a manufacturing defect, the dress was “broken into many pieces” and photos show that the customer was “very happy” with her purchase the night before. She was later promised a full refund.

Derby’s Destiny said, “I knew I was going to be out late because it was New Years Eve so I was comfortable enough in the dress. I wanted to look good. We went to the club and within an hour and a half, half my girlfriend said me to look down and my breasts fell out of the dress, I tried to hold the bottom piece so my breasts wouldn’t come out.

“Suddenly the lower part of the skirt came off. Everything separate, I’m not exaggerating. My boyfriend left the club with me and I went home practically naked, holding my breasts with the thong and bum hanging out. Men came closer to me and tried to touch me. I was in a strange city and I was vulnerable. It was horrible, everyone would have seen it. It was embarrassing and I felt humiliated. “

Destiny Campbell was humiliated after her dress fell to pieces one evening

Woman left walking home 'basically naked' after dress fell apart in nightclub 1

Screenshots of messages exchanged between Destiny and Sorelle UK show that the company does not accept returns for items that have been worn. The news said, “This is a rhinestone dress that needs to be handled with care and also needs to be a loose fit, as can be seen in the pictures of all models on our website. We would have suggested choosing a larger size than just tearing in as many pieces as in the other photos. Unfortunately, it looks like it has been heavily handled [sic] and we are unable to fix it. “

Fate told the brand: “Do you take the piss? Do I look like a fat person? Oh my God. You basically just called me fat, which is so wrong, ran home frantically so people wouldn’t see me naked. As a supplier, you have a duty to ensure that your clothes are processed correctly and carefully. I’m not an idiot and I know how to care for a delicate dress, so don’t offend me.

“If you’re not willing to give me a full refund, I’ll take this to court immediately and go through my bank to get my money back. I’ll also make the public aware of the incident and that people are not buying may.” You again. Don’t offend me by saying I made it hard if I just went to a club. Should you go to a club and be able to dance normally or whatever and not tear a dress? That’s ridiculous. “

Woman left walking home 'basically naked' after dress fell apart in nightclub 2

Sorelle UK replied, “We never said or implied you were fat. You ordered a size M because we’re not a large size in this dress. It looks like the dress is only torn on one side. The dress Looked good on you and we will stop producing this dress because of this accident. “

The retailer eventually agreed to a full refund. Destiny said, “If it’s bad enough that you’re going to stop production, why can’t you send a refund? I never asked you to stop manufacturing the dress that I asked for a refund for. “

Sorelle UK replied, “This is being done for you. I can see a lot of people thinking we are wrong and I really apologize if it comes across as completely wrong.”

Destiny said, “Are you trying to say I’m fat? You don’t know what weight or mental health issues I have. It’s not nice. I’ve been gaining weight since I was 18, but I’m not fat. I felt like this.” , they said i shouldn’t wear their stuff. They don’t even sell a bigger size and the website doesn’t recommend going up a bigger size. I bought a medium and am a medium. It’s so unfair. The dress wasn’t too small. I wouldn’t spend so much on a dress and get the wrong size. I bought the dress a month ago so if it was too small I had time to change it.

“You’re just making up excuses. I’ve shopped at Sorelle before and it has always been fine. They said they would take it off the website but I just wanted a refund and I don’t want this to happen to any other girl. “

Before wearing it that evening, Destiny had tried the dress only once and said that she loved it so much that she couldn’t wait to wear it again.

Destiny and a group of friends had booked an apartment in Liverpool as a special treat, but she said the night was ruined when she was forced to leave. Destiny said, “I had spent hundreds on an apartment in Liverpool. I ordered the dress in November, tried it on once and then put it back in the box so I wouldn’t mess around with it.

“I put the dress on and I loved it and felt safe in it. It was a beautiful dress and I was happy with it. I never felt that the dress was too small or fragile. When I put it on, I asked mine Friends, if there was another event I could wear this dress again, but I won’t wear it now, people say that happens when you buy a cheap dress but it cost £ 75. “

A spokesman for Sorelle UK said: “We advised the customer, like all companies, to choose one size larger in this style of clothing as it should hang at the back as it has a hooded back, like the models and all of our customers, photos that are tagged on Instagram Unfortunately we only go up to a size M for this style of clothing because it is very small and that is all our supplier makes.

“The customer was obviously very happy with her purchase of the dress, to receive it, take pictures and wear it flawlessly on New Year’s Eve. A manufacturing defect would have been tearing the seam, but the dress was then pulled and broken into many parts It is therefore not considered a manufacturing defect.

“However, we gave the customer a full refund when this was escalated to a manager. Initial responses were a temporary customer service rep due to Covid and apologized for any misunderstanding. We discontinued this dress for that reason too.”

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