Woman loses more than 6 stone and says the weight loss helped her fall pregnant

One woman who lost 87 pounds says losing weight helped her conceive her second child.

Becky Brooke, who had been unhappy with her weight for many years, lost six and a half pounds and now says she is no longer worried about trying on wedding dresses.

The 33-year-old now looks to the future and says she is no longer afraid of what she will look like in a wedding dress when she marries her partner Joe Gray in 2023.

Becky from Halifax told the story Yorkshire Live she had tried to convince herself that “this size was just me”.

“Before I came to Slimming World, I never really thought about what I ate, how much, or whether it was good or bad,” Becky said.

“Now I just choose the ‘free groceries’ first and so many are delicious, there are so many healthier options.

“It made me more aware of the unhealthy choices I made before.”

So-called “free foods” include a variety of foods such as fruits, vegetables, pasta, rice, potatoes, legumes, lean meat, fish and poultry that Slimming World members can consume until they feel full.

Becky, who is originally from Queensbury and works as a teaching assistant in the village, said, “It was great to find and prepare new recipes, and they are meals that my partner and son enjoy too.

“I enjoy finding healthier alternatives to my favorite foods, and I try to make a new meal every week; but I have my favorites like naked beef burrito, diet cola chicken, harissa sea bass, chicken paella, and cajun chicken kebabs. “

She added, “Since starting my weight loss journey, the biggest challenge I’ve faced has been loving myself again. I’ve found that even though I’ve done so well, I’m very critical of myself.

“I’ve also struggled from time to time to combat chocolate cravings, but with the help and support of my group, I’ve found healthier alternatives that keep me going.”

Becky lost six and a half stones and loves the fact that she can now buy “off the shelf” clothing.

“I’m more confident about doing things that I stopped and going to places I wouldn’t go before because I developed anxiety.”

She now enjoys family walks and her health has improved.

“In the winter before I came to Slimming World I had pneumonia a couple of times, but this winter I didn’t suffer from it at all.

“My physical health has improved a lot and with the added concern about the coronavirus, I feel like I’m better able to fight the virus.

“In addition to my physical health, my mental health was also constantly tested.

“I thought negatively about my weight all day. I thought it seemed impossible that I could lead a happy, healthy life, but I lost 87 pounds in 35 weeks.” even during the Covid lockdown.

“My BMI has gone down by 13.5 and I’ve lost 45 inches all round.

“I am happier, healthier and more confident. The added bonus is that I’m no longer afraid of wedding dresses and I actually look forward to shopping.

“And I’m over the moon when I can say that losing weight helped me have my second child.

“I can safely follow the plan during pregnancy as it is endorsed by the Royal College of Midwives.”

Julie Sharples, Becky’s advisor at Lindley Slimming World Group in Huddersfield, said, “I’m really proud of Becky because not only did she take the brave step of joining our group during the lockdown, she also has her heart and soul in the persecution plugged the Slimming World plan and fits it not only into their lives but also into that of their families.

Becky Brooke with partner Joe and son Elliott, eight

“She’s a great support to other members, including the friend who encouraged her to join.

“Becky loves finding new recipes to try and shares her discoveries with others in the group and online.

“She is our inspiring Greatest Loser for 2021 as she has lost six and a half stones so far.

“I am delighted that she continues her journey through her pregnancy We love a baby from Slimming World and I look forward to seeing her get there. “


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