Woman puts baby up for adoption after sperm donor lied about his ethnicity

A Tokyo-based mother in her 30s put her second child up for adoption after learning the child’s biological father – a sperm donor – wasn’t the successful university-educated Japanese man he told her he was actually married Chinese national

A Tokyo-based mother is suing the sperm donor she had sex with for cheating to conceive her second child (

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A woman gave her baby up for adoption after her sperm donor lied about his ethnicity.

The woman is suing the birth father of her second child after he fraudulently posed as a successful Japanese man with degrees from Kyoto University.

The Tokyo-based mother, whose identity has not been released but is in her 30s, had intercourse with the man 10 times while trying to father the child. local average reports.

The married woman had her first child with her current husband, but discovered he carries an inherited condition that could be passed on to their children.

She scouted potential donors on social media and thought she’d found the perfect man for the job.

After the 10 encounters, her efforts paid off and she became pregnant in July 2019.

The woman is suing him for fraud, claiming his lies caused physical and emotional distress


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Soon after, the mother-of-two learned that the man she had slept with for the purpose of insemination was actually a married Chinese man who did not attend the high-ranking university he claimed he attended.

Since it was too late for an abortion, the woman decided to put the baby up for adoption.

She is now suing the birth father for fraud after his lies caused her “emotional distress”.

A Vice News investigation released yesterday found that Japan’s sperm donation industry is largely unregulated

Artificial insemination, which does not require sexual activity between the donor and the mother, is difficult to access — and when it is offered, it is only available to heterosexual couples.

Parents and parent hopefuls are now turning to social media and other websites to find viable donors.

At a press conference yesterday, the woman’s lawyer criticized the country’s lack of public or statutory systems for sperm donation.

He shared that the alleged fraud caused his client physical and emotional distress

She was also further hurt by the widespread backlash against her decision to put the child up for adoption.

Japanese Child Protection Commissioner Mizuho Sasaki tarred the woman as “superficial” for “treating the child like an object,” reports Vice News.

She added, “But I think it’s better to leave the child with someone who can be a good foster parent.”

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