Woman returns from holiday to find her car was driven hundreds of miles when she was away

One woman returned from a vacation abroad and found that her car had driven hundreds of kilometers in her absence.

When the vacationer booked her parking space, she believed the car park was connected to Manchester Airport.

But when she got home from her trip, she noticed that her car had driven hundreds of miles in her absence. Liverpool Echo Report.

This is one of six separate reports last month of incidents related to meet and greet parking companies that claim to be related to Manchester Airport.

The companies involved are allegedly based in Cheshire and neither of them are officially affiliated with the airport, according to police.

In another case, a woman returning from a trip abroad to find her car was confiscated by police after it was driven without insurance.

A third found that his car had driven into Northamptonshire when, in his opinion, it was safely parked in a local parking lot.

Police officer Jaspreet Kaur of the local Macclesfield Police Department said, “We are looking into these reports and our investigation is ongoing. We are working closely with the local Trading Standards team to determine the full circumstances of the incident.

“I would recommend anyone who has had a similar experience in Cheshire to contact me.

“I would also like to urge motorists who use meet and greet services to be careful about checking company reviews and making sure they only use reputable companies.

“It is important that you read the full terms and conditions before signing a contract and take a picture of your current mileage before handing over your vehicle.”

A spokesman for Manchester Airport said: “We are disappointed to hear that certain unscrupulous parking operators are misleading customers in this way. These providers are in no way affiliated with Manchester Airport and we always encourage customers to check with a company before picking up the keys.

“In addition to Manchester Airport’s own parking products, there are a number of well-known suppliers in the area and we encourage our customers to take advantage of initiatives like Park Mark and the government-sponsored Buy with Confidence program to find one that is one of a number reviewed by detailed and committed to fair trade.

“We will continue to support the police and trade standards teams in our neighborhood councils to do everything in our power to raise awareness and address this issue.”

Anyone with information about the incidents or believes they may have been a victim is asked to call or visit the Cheshire Police Department at 101 www.cheshire.police.uk/ro/report.

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