Woman says she's been banned from TikTok six times for size of her breasts

One oversized woman quit TikTok six times for posting insightful videos claiming she was being discriminated against – for having JJ breasts.

Shirley Flynn, 40, said she created her ‘BustyMalone’ account to post body positive videos for oversized women.

It contained photos and videos of the size 20 woman in revealing low-cut tops

But it was permanently banned within weeks for allegedly “violating community guidelines” – and it has been banned five more times since September 2020.

The customer service representative claims she is being discriminated against because women with smaller breasts post similar content without prohibitions.

Shirley from Birmingham said, “It’s discrimination.

“You forbid me because I have really big breasts.

“My videos are not nude or pornographic.

“I’m not topless and I don’t do anything sexual or touch myself or anything like that.

“If I was a size 8 or a B or C cup, they would never have complained about me.

“There are many shorter women who show as much as I do.

“It’s not fair that they treated me like that.

“I feel attacked and bullied, really angry and offended.

“I wouldn’t post sexual or nude content because teenagers are using TikTok.

“They do low cut tops and bikini tops for a reason, and I don’t wear anything on TikTok that I wouldn’t wear in a bar or on the beach.

“There are a lot of people with smaller busts posting content like mine and it is not being removed.

“I would resign if I’m wrong, but I’m not.

Woman says she's been banned from TikTok six times for size of her breasts 1

“Sure there is a lot to see, but it’s important to hug your body without shame, and I’m not ashamed of any of my content: it’s fun and legal.

“Other women wear thongs and have their buttocks hanging out, but they don’t take these videos down.”

Shirley said her breasts were natural and she had to wear two bras to get adequate support.

She started posting online in July 2020, saying she wanted to add confidence to herself and other curvy women.

But her first video sparked a message from platform admins claiming it showed nudity and was too sexual, she said.

Within six weeks, her account was deactivated – and the same happened five times, most recently earlier this month.

She said any time she gets 24-hour then 48-hour bans, which are lifted on appeal before she is permanently banned.

She said it does after about three months, or when she hits 8,000 followers.

Shirley said she sent over 50 messages to the platform asking them to justify deactivating their accounts, but claims they never respond.

“Basically this is boobism,” she said.

“I feel bullied and harassed.

“I was born this way and it’s only natural.

“All of this affects my self-esteem.

“If I were a teenager, it would drag me down so much that I felt like I needed to change my body or have an operation.

“I just want to be treated fairly.”

TikTok did not respond to a request for comment.


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