Woman smashes man's TV and laptop after Funky Pigeon Father's Day gaffe

A father was accused of cheating after Funky Pigeon sent the fake Father’s Day card.

The man spoke out after the incident on Sunday in which his despised wife smashed his laptop and phone.

Darren Wilson, 52, got the wrong card from Funky Pigeon and that created a lot of drama.

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The 52-year-old was hoping for a card from Darcy, 22, his daughter.

Kerry, 44, his partner, opened a card addressed to Darren – and it read, “To the best pops!

“Happy First Father’s Day of my Pops and many more! The moment I saw you, I knew I had the best Pops there could ever be!

“I really love cuddling with you, you make me feel loved! Lots of kisses and cuddles. All my dear Summer-Rae xxxxxxxx”.

Darren said, “It arrived addressed to me Monday morning.

“I was at work when my partner opened it. She’s a bit paranoid like 15 years ago, I was a little naughty boy.

“But I’ve changed now.

“And there she was. A card with a little boy or girl on it, not more than six months old, that says ‘Pops’.

“If it was a generic Father’s Day card it wouldn’t be that bad, but my kid calls me Pops.”

He added, “It wasn’t Mark, Paul or John on it, but it was the nickname all my children call me!

“Needless to say, she went completely ballistic.

“Of course, it’s not her fault that she’s suspicious that I was a naughty boy 15 years ago.”

Woman smashes man's TV and laptop after Funky Pigeon Father's Day gaffe 1

He explained, “It’s a pretty cute card to be honest, but that just caused paranoia again.

“It’s a simple process. It’s not rocket science.

“I’ve heard of Moonpig, but Funky Pigeon means nothing to me.

“It’s an easy mistake for them, but it’s life-threatening for me.

“Because they didn’t do their job right, it gives me grief.

“They said they would send me the card my daughter originally wanted to send for free, but what kind of excuse is that?

“I lost my laptop, TV, and home phone because they sent the card to Joe Bloggs.

“They have to be held accountable. It is likely a privacy breach if people’s personal pictures are sent to the wrong addresses.”

Woman smashes man's TV and laptop after Funky Pigeon Father's Day gaffe 2

Kerry said, “As soon as I saw the word ‘Pops’ on it, I thought it was definitely for him.

“Our children call him that and Darren calls his father that too.

“The way I saw it, it was just too much of a coincidence not to be.

“I was just full of anger and tears. It was a mixture of everything that happened.

“I have trust problems anyway, because there was cheating on both sides.

“I just thought, ‘Oh God, not again,’ and what, as a little baby, must have happened recently.

“I’m fiery anyway. I just threw away everything I could find.

“I wanted to get his phone to check messages, but it was password locked so I smashed it.

“I called his work phone but couldn’t get through. I was even tempted to go to the office to confront him, but my friend talked me out of it.

“That’s no excuse anyway. It wasn’t until I saw the email from Funky Pigeon that I realized it was a real mistake.”

A Funky Pigeon spokesperson said, “We really appreciate the importance of Father’s Day to our customers and we do our best to make it right for our customers.

“We sincerely apologize for this mistake; it resulted from a human error that was corrected immediately.

“We have contacted our customer to apologize for the inconvenience this caused and have correctly reissued the card along with a full refund and will also be offering a gift from our popular gift selection.”


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