Woman tells boy, 9, 'go back to your country' in vile racist rant on bus

A racist woman told a nine-year-old boy to “return to your home country” in a horrific chatter on a bus.

The video shows the recalcitrant woman abusing the boy and his mother, originally from Brazil, on board a bus in Dublin until they were hit by a hero driver.

At some point the woman says to the Irish-born boy, who wore a green jacket and hat, “You are not Irish.”

The woman, who did not wear a face mask despite the coronavirus rules, and another passenger were told to get off the bus and continue the rest of their journey on foot.

The mother, who has lived in Ireland for 12 years and asked to remain anonymous, said DublinLive that her son asked her after the incident: “You told me to take the green off of me, am I not Irish?”

He was reading something about coronavirus when the woman started her tirade on Monday afternoon.

She said it had been a “stressful and terrible” start to the new year, and it was not the first time she had been verbally abused for her background.

She said: “I was with my son. We got on the bus. He had a loud voice, he read an advertisement on the bus about coronavirus.

“There weren’t many people on the bus so everyone could hear what they were reading.

A woman is thrown from a Dublin bus for verbally abusing a boy

“The woman in the mask, who was in the penultimate seat in the row, looked back and said, ‘What do you think about coronavirus?’

“And when you look back, you look at my son, you put all your attention on him and you put all the talk on my son who is just a kid, he’s only nine.”

The woman kept asking the same question as the situation escalated.

The boy’s mother said, “She said, ‘this is a serious problem, people are dying all over the world and you are joking about it’ – but he wasn’t kidding, he was reading facts on the ad.

“Then the woman at the very end of the row, who wasn’t wearing a mask, said, ‘Go back to your homeland, take off the green,’ because my son was wearing a green jacket and a green hat.

“‘You are not Irish, you are not Irish’, she kept saying, ‘go back to your home country’.

“But at the next bus stop the bus driver stopped and opened the door and walked over to the couple as you can see in the video and just said ‘off the bus, off the bus’ and asked them to leave.

“I stayed calm the whole time because I was afraid things would have escalated if I reacted.”

The mother feared that her son would be traumatized. She was angry and sad after the incident.

She added: “But my son was born here, Ireland is our home. He kept saying, ‘But she asked me to take the green off and say I’m not Irish, that wasn’t nice.’

A Dublin bus passenger told a boy to "go back to your home country".

“In reality it didn’t take long, but it felt like it would go on forever. They got in on O’Connell Street, but the driver had already hit them when we got to O’Connell Bridge.

“The bus driver acted very quickly. But no one was ready to help. A man ate his blueberries and his muffin and pretended nothing would happen.

“It’s understandable, in situations like this, it’s hard to know what to do, but the bus driver was brilliant.”

The mother contacted Dublin Bus to praise and thank the driver.

She said, “It’s not the first time I’ve seen something like this, but it’s the first time I’ve been brave enough to report it.

“But I would fear going public because I have to protect my son. If I exposed myself and my child, I would be open to more hate speech whipped in my direction.

“Dublin Bus responded to my complaint. They thanked me for my feedback and said they had reported my compliments to the relevant department for the driver’s handling of the anti-social behavior.”


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