Woman told her outfit was 'showing too much skin' to board Virgin flight

One woman says she was “humiliated” after Virgin Australia officials told her she could not board the flight because her outfit was “showing too much skin”.

Catherine Bampton was waiting on her flight from Adelaide to her home on the Gold Coast, Australia this week when she claimed she was approached and “publicly mislaid” by a member of the airline’s ground crew.

The 23-year-old said: “She told me in front of everyone that the pilot refused to let me board because of the clothes I was wearing.

“I was so shocked and so confused because my clothes didn’t reveal.”

Catherine says she was wearing a high neck halter top, high waisted pants and sneakers when a crew member asked her to put on a different top to cover it up.

she said News.com.au. She felt “embarrassed and humiliated” and other passengers stared open-mouthed in shock at the situation.

The university student has now asked the pilot to apologize and added: “I don’t want you to do it to other people because you are not allowed to.”

Virgin Australia confirmed that staff spoke to the passenger in the Gate Lounge about “the way the bikini-style top was worn at the time”.

Catherine was wearing the outfit she was supposed to cover up

It added that Catherine has now filed a formal complaint with the airline, telling Der Spiegel: “The dress guidelines for our planes are similar to those of other airlines here in Australia, and the vast majority of those who fly with us meet or exceed them.

“As Australia’s most popular airline, it has always been our goal that those who travel with Virgin Australia feel welcome and have a comfortable journey.

“We are conducting a review of the incident and have been proactive in reaching out to better understand what happened. We are also reminding members of the frontline team of our guest dress code requirements.”

Virgin Australia sets the dress code requirements on its website and states that all passengers must wear “a shirt” to board the aircraft. An undershirt is acceptable.

Shorts, skirt or trousers must also be worn as “appropriate clothing that covers your lower half” and all adults and children who can walk must wear appropriate footwear, with flip flops allowed.

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