Woman unknowingly helps man who minutes earlier killed her sister in hit-and-run

Kaine Andrew Carter fatally struck 32-year-old Tammara Macrokanis, who stormed out of a family reunion in Gold Coast, Australia

A woman unsuspectingly searching for her missing sister helped the lifeless killer of her siblings just minutes after he met her in an accident.

Chenai Radnedge was desperately looking for Tammara Macrokanis, 32, who stormed out of a family reunion on October 17 last year.

A court heard the chase was stopped when it stopped to help a man who was lying next to his car on the hard shoulder of a freeway.

But that was Kaine Andrew Carter, who minutes earlier had fatally struck her sister under the influence of drugs and dragged her body 60 meters down the main road near Gold Coast, Australia.

Chenai Radnedge then accidentally helped the drugged driver who killed her sister

The impact was so violent that her sister’s body was torn in half, Southport Magistrates Court heard yesterday.

When Ms. Radnedge bent down to help Carter on October 17, 2020 at 9:30 p.m., she had no idea what had happened to Ms. Macrokanis – a life-changed mother of five and recovered drug user.

All she knew was that her sister was leaving the family reunion after insulting a misunderstanding and threatening to hitchhike home to New South Wales.

Several police cars were arriving as Ms. Radnedge started helping the drugged man, reports Courier mail. The officers ordered Ms. Radnedge to leave immediately.

The next morning, Ms. Radnedge was awakened by her mother to hear that her sister had died in an accident. When they started driving to find answers, then pulled onto the freeway, she made a double attempt.

Kaine Andrew Carter pleaded guilty to two charges and faces conviction next month

But, last month, Carter pleaded guilty to causing a dangerous operation of a motor vehicle by an intoxicating substance and leaving the scene unassisted.

He is sentenced on December 6th.

In court, Ms. Radnedge said: “It clicked. Kaine killed Tammara (and) I was there shortly afterwards.

Forensic investigators later found that Ms. Macrokanis had been trapped and cut in half between the Ute’s bullbar and the roadside guardrail.

Part of her body was found about six meters from her upper half, which was thrown away 10 meters from the curb.

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