Woman wakes up after drunken night to find stranger's hound in her bed

A night owl was stunned when she woke up from a boisterous night to find that she had more than one hangover – when a stranger’s giant dog lay in her bed.

Mia Flynn had enjoyed several bottles of wine at a friend’s house on a Sunday evening before going home. When she woke up in her own bed the next morning, her memory was fuzzy.

The 28-year-old was “petrified” when she turned around and discovered that the large husky dog ​​was “staring at” her – and she feared the “wolf” would attack her.

Funny footage shows Mia whispering to the camera, “I’m too scared to move in my own bed” as she films herself and then pans over to reveal the huge hairy dog ​​standing next to it you relaxed – unmoved by her confusion.

The tutor soon put together her steps from the night before and found recordings on her phone of her discovery of what she referred to as a “wolf” who followed her house in the dark as she audibly blurred her words from the drink.

Later clips show the husky wandering confusedly through Mia’s kitchen: “Of all the things I came home with in one evening. He followed me home.”

Mia from Rhyl, Wales said: “I helped my girlfriend do a little tinkering and painting … then we decided three bottles of wine would be a good idea.

“I was a little shocked when I woke up with a dog staring at me.

“I was petrified that he would attack me – I think dogs are cute, but they’re also a little scary. Especially a bloody big one like this one.”

Even though Mia was drunk, she had been careful to record her encounter with the dog she called Toby and how it had followed her home.

However, she did not remember coming in with the mutt at 2:30 am and telling her “angry” mother that she had “got a new partner”.

Mia said, “I documented the whole thing on my Snapchat and that’s how I put the story together the next morning.

“So I was walking home from her house after midnight when the dog was following me. He was just walking down the street – [I later found out] It was the street he lived on so I assume he had just got off.

Mia was frantically retracing her steps through her Snapchat story

“My mom was angry. She was in bed when I came in apparently at 2:30 in the morning and told her I have a new partner.”

“She wasn’t pleased, although she was fine the next morning.

“This is definitely not atypical for me – everyone knows that I get a little crazy after a drink. But I’ve never brought an animal home.”

A video shows the ignorant dog sitter going home with the husky, while Mia says: “A full-fledged king wolf is following me. It’s too late for that, I feel like an Eskimo.”

After Mia found out what had happened by retracing her steps through her Snapchat story, she shared a snippet of the dog on her Facebook.

Mia said, “I knew everyone would find it funny since I had so many messages on Snapchat when I woke up that morning.

“But I put it on Facebook to find the owner. The poor dog in a stranger’s house probably just wanted to go home

“A girl I have on Snapchat recognized the dog and contacted the owner for me.

“The owner said all the tears of losing him were worth it when she added me on Snapchat to see my story. She thought it was funny.

“She was grateful that he stayed at my house.”

Her one night of dog ownership didn’t do much to help her get a pet pooch in the future.

Mia said, “I still don’t want a dog. It was fun while it lasted I think. He looks bloody like a wolf, but he was a beautiful dog, to be fair.

“I called him Toby while I had him – it was the first name that came to mind when I was drunk.

“I’m glad he’s home safe and sound.”


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