Woman who gave birth into stranger's coat replaces it after search

A woman who was born in her car on the side of the road and was given a coat by the lady who helped her wants to replace it.

The mother who gave birth in her car was looking for the heroine who helped her – and has now found her.

Sarah-Jane Kitching was minutes from admission to Barnsley Hospital on Nov. reports YorkshireLive.

Sarah-Jane and her partner were already rushing to the hospital for help when they had to stop when she realized their baby was almost there.

Sarah-Jane said, “I woke up at 7am thinking I had wet myself coughing, so I went and got clean and fresh pajamas.

“It wasn’t until I went downstairs and got a coffee that I realized it could have been my water.

“I wasn’t due June 26th and wasn’t in pain or anything, so I got in, washed my pots, and called my mom.

“She said to call the hospital just to be on the safe side and they told me to go.

“I have a nine year old boy and a year old girl and they were still sleeping so my partner got them up to take them to my mother.

“I still haven’t had any pain or labor, just one in my butt, so I never thought I’d go into labor.

“I came to Barnsley from Darfield and just as we got to the hospital lights I said to my partner, ‘She is here and I have to put pressure on!’

Sarah-Jane continued, “We literally came to the pelican crossing in front of women’s services and I had to push so he just stopped, left the car door open and ran to the hospital for help, but since it was a Sunday it was like a ghost town.

“But in the meantime, I knew she was there, so I pulled my bum off and out of the corner of my eye saw a lady walking by.

“I called her to help me, so this lady came and said what you need help with – at this point the baby’s head and shoulders were out so she took her coat out of her pocket and caught the baby.

“Milania-Rae was born crying, the lady held the baby and then the sisters and my partner come back to the car!”

After Sarah-Jane and her baby were examined in the hospital, Sarah-Jane searched social media for the woman who had helped deliver Milania-Rae.

She posted on her Facebook page for help finding the hero and after nearly 400 parts of her post, the granddaughter of Chris Swallows, the Good Samaritan, got in touch.

Sarah-Jane said, “I wanted to buy her a new coat and some flowers, but she doesn’t want a fuss!

“But I’ll try to get her something through her granddaughter Elise.”

Both mother and baby are fine now.


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