Woman who glued note to sisters' Range Rovers with silicone defends herself

A woman who stuck a piece of silicone on the windows of the Range Rover to stop nurses parking on her street has defended herself.

Ellie Newman, 36, and sister Jordan Timeyin, 39, park on the street in Whitefield.

The road is near their place of work, and both of them drive matching vehicles in black and white, respectively.

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But a local resident took drastic action against her parry and stuck a letter with silicone on the windshield.

The note in black felt-tip pen read: “Please stop using this street as a parking lot.

“Residents come home from work / shopping and cannot park on their own street !!”

She added Manchester evening news : “My friend wanted to visit him, I made him dinner because he can hardly walk without a stick and cannot get up to cook.”

“But he couldn’t come because he couldn’t park his car in front of my house.

“Without being able to park right in front of the door, he couldn’t go down the street, so he couldn’t come.”

She said, “I am not a bad person and I wouldn’t harm anyone. But that has been going on for 12 months.

“There’s a back to the stores they work in and I’m sure they could park there. I don’t apologize, I wasn’t rude or malicious.

“It’s not damage to property, the substance I used to stick it on was easy to peel off. It was like modeling clay.

“It was a reasonable request, I wasn’t being rude. I was just explaining how things were from the residents’ point of view.

“If you park there all day, you have to know that you are causing someone a problem. I don’t like seeing how we have become a very selfish society. I don’t have time for that.”

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