Woman who thought she had long Covid discovered she has terminal cancer

A woman who thought she had a long history of Covid was devastated to learn that she had stage four lung cancer.

Surrey councilor Alison Griffiths said her “whole world collapsed” when she received news that she had unresectable cancer.

The 45-year-old was told in late April that she had two years to live after doctors found tumors in her lungs.

Since Christmas 2020, Cllr Griffiths had noticed a cough, but wrote it off as a long Covid.

Speak with Surrey Live, Cllr Griffiths, of Sunbury, said: “It is devastating. It’s something you just can’t understand I could have dealt with ‘You have cancer’ but ‘Stage four, end of life’ blew my mind for six. You just never think it will be you. “

Cllr Griffiths smoked since she was 12 years old. She had tried to quit smoking on numerous occasions.

“It was a habit I couldn’t get rid of. But the day I was diagnosed, I gave up very easily,” she said.

Until then, she was smoking 20 to 30 cigarettes a day. Cllr Griffiths said, “I’m asking everyone to quit smoking, it’s really not worth it. You don’t think it will be you, but it may be watching my grandchildren grow up it was never worth it. “

In April, just before the local elections, doctors found a 5.5 cm tumor in her right lung. Then other controls indicated that she had 10 tumors in one lung and more than 10 in the other.

“There’s no sense of finding out you’re going to die. It’s the hardest thing you can ever go through. It was such a shock. My whole world just collapsed,” she said.

Doctors told her she only had two years left, but Cllr Griffiths replied, “I don’t have it.”

Her five grandchildren and four children have made her more determined than ever to move on and seek alternative treatments to extend her life.

This may include access to a new method developed by British scientists called the “sugar bomb” that could destroy sugar-addicted cancer cells in seconds.

But the different options come at a price, which is why Alison set up a GoFundMe page with a goal of £ 20,000.

Coronavirus Makes Cllr Griffiths’ Fight Even Tougher; chemotherapy makes her immune system extremely weak, so she has to isolate herself in a bladder with her partner and not see other family members.

Although the illness meant she had to leave the cabinet, Cllr Griffiths continues to work as a district councilor as much as possible on days when she feels good enough.

She said, “It all came so late, I feel like I’ve let my residents down. They voted for me and I dealt with it. But I’m doing my best.”

She has been a councilor since 2015 when she was elected to the Spelthorne Borough Council. She described her role as “I’m glad I got the honor”.

Kind gestures from residents and strangers, including congratulations, donations, and cards, are a big and unexpected boost for Cllr Griffiths who says they “keep me going every day”.

“These strangers and residents made me feel that if something happens and I die, I will leave knowing that I am loved. It makes me fight even more, ”she said.

Cllr Griffiths praised the medical staff who treated her cancer, adding, “The Ashford and St. Peter hospitals were amazing. You have continued cancer treatment throughout the entire time of Covid.

Here you can donate to Helens GoFundMe.


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