Woman with 'crippling anxiety' touched by Uber Eats driver's kind gesture

A woman who orders takeout on Uber Eats has shared an exchange between the delivery driver and her after leaving him a sweet message explaining her concerns

The sweet gesture went viral

A woman struggling with “crippling anxiety” has shared the sweet response she received from an Uber Eats driver after ordering a meal.

Assume tick tock, Becca shared a handwritten message she left for the man named Garnell to explain why she ordered the takeout.

The note attached to a spike addressed the driver and said, “Thank you. I have debilitating anxiety and sometimes I have a hard time leaving my house.”

Becca finished her candid message with a little illustrated love heart, adding, “I really appreciate you.”

Incredibly, the driver left her a sweet reply that filled everyone with hope and went viral when others shared random acts of kindness they’d encountered.

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He replied on the app: “Thank you Rebecca! I’m sorry you have to go through this! I hope today is a good day!”

Becca, who describes the video as a “modern day love story,” elaborated further in the comments, explaining that she is suffering from “biblical night terrors and severe panic” after being physically abused for two years, noting that “healing trauma is the hardest part”.

Many of Becca’s followers have identified all too well with her anxiety issues, as well as the many practical ramifications of not feeling able to leave the house due to panic attacks.

Becca struggled to leave the house to get food


@Beccagarr / Tiktok)

She was very touched by the answer


@Beccagarr / Tiktok)

One empath noted that “a little love and appreciation goes too far either way,” while another wrote that she “wouldn’t wish fear on anyone.”

Others shared how the fear had impacted her life, with one woman writing, “I was trapped on the freeway for 9 hours during an ice storm over 8 years ago and I still have panic attacks when I leave my house at times.”

According to a post published by the online health resource health lineAgoraphobia can be defined as “a type of anxiety disorder that causes people to avoid places and situations that might make them feel trapped, helpless, panicked, embarrassed, or anxious.”

This post continues: “People with agoraphobia often experience panic attack symptoms, such as rapid heartbeat and nausea, when they are in a stressful situation. They can also experience these symptoms before they even get into the situation they fear.”

Sometimes cases can be so severe that those who suffer “avoid everyday activities like going to the bank or grocery store and stay in their homes for most of the day.”

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