Woman’s body found entombed in concrete at construction site after builder notices smell

The crime was discovered when the owner of the construction site in Brazil, where the wall had been re-laid, noticed a foul smell and called the police

Police believe two men strangled Joice Maria da Gloria Rodrigues after an argument (

Image: Newsflash)

A woman’s body was found buried in concrete at a construction site after a construction worker noticed the unpleasant smell.

The act was discovered on Tuesday when the owner of the construction site where the wall had been re-laid noticed something was wrong and called the police on Tuesday.

When the officers arrived, they punched a hole in the wall and found the naked body of mother-of-two Joice Maria da Gloria Rodrigues, 25, with a T-shirt around her neck. She has been missing for a week.

The police believe that the two workers strangled the student after an argument and continued to work for days as if nothing had happened.

The victim lived with her husband and two daughters in the Brazilian city of Sao Vicente, where the crime took place.

The officers arrived at the scene and punched a hole in the wall where they found the naked body



She went missing after visiting her grandfather at his home on September 27th.

After she failed to return home, her concerned relatives tried calling her on her cell phone, which went straight to voicemail. They immediately reported a missing person to the police.

Her body was found eight days later, and police quickly arrested two suspects, a 56-year-old bricklayer and a 35-year-old building contractor.

The latter denied any wrongdoing, but the former confessed to killing the young woman and hiding her body, which also implicated his colleague in the crimes.

He also told police that he had consensual sexual relations with the woman prior to her death, according to local media.

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Police arrest a suspect for the death of Joice Maria da Gloria Rodrigues



However, the police have not ruled out the possibility of sexual abuse and are waiting for the results of the autopsy to determine if a crime of a sexual nature has been committed.

Police chief Thiago Nemi Bonametti, who is leading the investigation, assumes that there was a dispute between the young woman and the contractor for unknown reasons.

According to Bonametti, it was the contractor who strangled the woman first before asking his colleague for help, who then helped him.

After the woman was killed, both suspects are said to have cemented her into the wall. After the fact, the two men are said to have worked on the construction site for several days as if nothing had happened.

Police also confiscated plastic containers used to hold cocaine and a bag of panties from the scene.

The two men remain in custody during the investigation. The police treat the crime as femicide.

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