Women Spend More Time Online Than Men

Data for 2021 shared by Gemius showed that women spend more time online than men. The report offered important information on internet use for all women.

Gemius, an international research and technology organization, has published important data on internet users in Turkey covering the year 2021. The report, which included women-oriented data during the week of March 8, International Women’s Day, also included important details regarding female users in Turkey.

According to the data of Gemius Audience, 47 out of every 100 internet users in 2021 were women. Although men had more access to the Internet than women, the time spent on the Internet was not the same. Men spent an average of 225 hours on the Internet during the year, while women spent an average of 232 hours.

The vast majority of women who access the Internet have a secondary school or higher education.

The data shared for women also provided information about the educational status and age ranges of women who are internet users. Correspondingly, 66% of women accessing the Internet had secondary school or higher education. The women who had the most access to the Internet were women between the ages of 25-44.

Categories that women are most interested in online:

The categories that women showed the most interest on the internet were cosmetics, life, news, games, maps, e-commerce, education, information, public, music, social networks, corporate, tourism, business-finance and video/TV categories. Telecommunications, automotive, culture-entertainment, e-mail, technology, information, advertisements and portal categories were added to the list of mother and child targeting groups.

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