Work From Home And Back Pain: Vajrasana Improves From Back Pain To Digestion, It Makes Bones Strong And Increases Blood Circulation.

Most people who work at home suffer from back pain. Constantly sitting in the same place causes problems digesting food. It can be improved with yoga. Vijayan can increase blood circulation and strengthen the bones of the legs and spine. Yoga expert Dr. Nilofar tells you the right way to do it and the 5 great benefits of this yoga …

How to do Vajrasana

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1. This ease should be done in meditation posture. Keep your eyes closed while practicing this easy meditation pose.

2. To do this easily, first spread both legs forward and sit up straight.

3. Keep your hands close to the hips and be careful not to put any body weight on your hands. This mudra is called dandasana.

4. Now bend your right leg and place it under your right hip. Now bend your left leg and keep it under your left hip.

5. Make sure your thighs are connected and your thumbs are attached.

6. Now put your hands on your knees and make sure your chin is parallel to the floor.

7. Keep your spine straight and let go of your body. Now breathe normally and feel comfortable for a while.

8. After being in Vajrasana for a while, bend your body to the right and straighten your left leg.

9. Now bend your body to the left, straighten your right leg and rest in the position of Dandasana.

Work from home and back pain:

Know the benefits of yoga expert Dr. Nilofar-

Improves Digestion: Vajrasana improves digestion by improving your digestion.

Strengthens the feet: It also strengthens the thighs and calves by strengthening the nerves of the feet.

Improves posture: it helps keep the spine firm and straight.
Relieve Back Pain: By doing this asana regularly, it will relieve back pain and sciatica.

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Note: Do not do this asana if you have knee pain or an ankle injury. People who have problems with piles should not perform Vajrasana

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