'World's hottest maths teacher' now giving lessons about love to adoring fans

A man dubbed “The World’s Hottest Math Teacher” is now teaching online classes on the importance of love to thousands of enthusiastic fans.

Brainbox hunk Pietro Boselli rose to fame in 2016 when his engineering students took secret photos of him during his class at University College London and shared them on social media.

Thanks to his good looks, he can quickly move from the lecture hall to the catwalk, and the 33-year-old from Verona, Italy is back in the classroom.

But this time his “lectures” are online from his official Instagram page, which has a staggering 2.7 million followers.

The former face of Armani uploaded a series called “In Depth,” which answers some of the interesting questions he’s asked – and he certainly doesn’t shy away from the big questions.

The professor has covered topics such as “most research is wrong”, “the scientific method is not what you think” and “how not to care what others think”.

But it is his lesson about love that fans have been passionate about.

The half-hour video uploaded to IGTV with the title “What is love (the chemistry of love)” deals with the burning topic from a purely scientific and logical perspective – as it should be for the doctor of mechanical engineering.

Perhaps knowing that many fans wouldn’t like talking about the delicate subject with cold hard facts, he points out that he still has time for love songs and poetry, but “we persistently strive for knowledge and we keep getting better off “.

He goes on to explain that love is not a feeling, but a primary motivational system – although we can’t see that as catchy in a Barry White piece.

Additionally, Pietro says that a cocktail of chemicals creates love and says the phenomenon is like a chocolate cake recipe.

As an engineer, math professor, and model, Pietro Boselli poses a real triple threat

The muscular mathematician then delves deeper into the metaphor and compares pleasure, attraction and attachment with sponge, filling and icing.

However, he continues, “I am going to present these in order, but it is not a law. Things can certainly overlap or happen independently.

“Attraction and lust are separate, but they go into the entire love game – I am only describing the most classic cake recipe here.” Yummy stuff.

You can watch the full talk on love Here.


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