World’s most expensive homes boast ice cream parlours, amphitheatres and 'snowflake' room

From a Monaco skyscraper with an infinity pool with 360 degree views to the “Bubble Palace” with a 500-seat amphitheater, these incredible properties offer many options to spend a weekend at home

Some designs are awesome than others … and then you have this one.

Earlier this month, a $ 500 million LA property named “The One” went bankrupt after its owner defaulted on more than $ 165 million in debt.

Touted as America’s most expensive home, the 105,000-square-foot Bel Air estate was the brainchild of Nile Niami, a film producer who became the Giga Mansion tycoon.

Reportedly twice the size of the White House, Niami began construction back in 2012 in hopes of turning it around for a profit – but it’s now selling at a lower price.

While even Jeff Bezos might put himself off at the original asking price, some ridiculous properties around the world boast an even higher asking price.

Here we are taking a tour of the most expensive houses in the world – so which one would you settle in?


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