'Worst lurgy ever' – more people struggling with hard-to-shift colds this year

It’s October and that means cold and flu season is just around the corner – and this year it’s worse than ever.

Thousands of people across the UK say they have been hit by a terrible and difficult to fight cold, which is “the worst onslaught they have ever had”.

Wales Online reports that government ministers are concerned that there will be more flu cases this year due to the pandemic.

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Wales’ First Minister Mark Drakeford admitted yesterday (Friday) that he was “very worried” that the flu will be widespread this year.

Health experts are warning of an increase in colds and flu this winter, as many people are making contacts largely unhindered for the first time since March 2020.

And already many people say they have a cold that they cannot shake off with symptoms that are “terrible”.

Colds and flu sweep the UK every winter, but there’s an added risk of Covid this year despite 90 percent of people being vaccinated.

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Doctors say the symptoms of Covid can be very similar to a severe cold or flu, so it’s important to rule out the coronavirus.

ZOE, the world’s largest ongoing study of Covid-19, said, “A negative lateral flow test result is not reliable enough to be certain that you are definitely not infected. So if your symptoms persist, it is best to be sure of getting a PCR test. “

Common colds and flu can be treated with rest, plenty of fluids, and acetaminophen, but see a family doctor if you have any of the following symptoms:

– Your symptoms do not improve after three weeks, or they suddenly get worse.

– You have a very high fever or you feel hot and shivering.

– You are concerned about your child’s symptoms.

– you feel short of breath or develop chest pain.

– you have a long-term illness, for example diabetes, or have heart, lung or kidney problems.

– you are undergoing chemotherapy and have a weakened immune system.


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