WWII soldier's letter delivered to mother 76 years later

76 years after it was sent, a letter from a US soldier stationed in Germany to his mother in Massachusetts has been delivered.

Army Sgt. John Gonsalves, then 22 years old, wrote to his mother in Woburn in December 1945 after the official end of World War II: WFXT-TV reports Wednesday.

The letter remained unopened for over 75 years before it was found in a U.S. Post Office distribution facility in Pittsburgh.

“Dear mom. I received another letter from you today and was glad to hear that everything is fine,” the letter says. “As for myself, I’m fine and I’m doing fine. But what that As far as food is concerned, it’s usually pretty bad. “

He signed the letter: “Love and kisses, your son Johnny. I hope to see you soon.”

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Gonsalves died in 2015. His mother also died. But the USPS found an address for his widow Angelina, whom the soldier met five years after the letter was sent.

In addition to the decades-old mail, USPS employees also sent their own letter saying, “The delivery of this letter was of paramount importance to us.”

After receiving the letter, the Gonsalves family called the facility and thanked them.

“Just imagine! Seventy-six years!” Angelina Gonsalves told WFXT-TV. “I just couldn’t believe it. And then just his handwriting and everything. It was just amazing.”

Angelina Gonsalves, 89, went on another vacation without her husband, but this year she said, “It’s like he came back to me, you know?”

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