Xbox Series X allows removal of episodes of games

Xbox Series X allows removal of episodes of games

It is an optional but interesting element. It can also be retained on Xbox Series S. With Xbox Series X, you can delete some of the games to free up space to optimize other installations.

With this option, which will also be available in Series S, the TB of space that comes standard can be used in a better way, as explained by Jason Ronald, director of program management at Xbox. “In addition to the hardware, we’re making certain improvements to make it much easier to manage our space.” Games must of course support this feature to be active.

Ronald explains that an example is the ability to “select what to remove within the components of the games”, adding that we can see this in titles with multiplayer and single player aspects: “You play the campaign and then you want to focus only on multiplayer, if the developers support it, you can free up space by removing the campaign you’ve already completed.

It depends on the developers

For this to be successful, the big games have to offer it, like the Call of Duty series, which has three very clear aspects: campaign, co-op and multiplayer. This would free up unnecessary space, especially when we consider that titles like the latest Modern Warfare or others are already approaching or exceeding 100 gigabytes and the console has about 800 gigabytes available to install titles.

Jason Ronald explained this in Major Nelson’s latest podcast, where they discussed the space of the two Next Gen console versions released in November as well as Yakuza Like a Dragon and other adaptations for families. You can find it in this link.


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