Xbox Series X and S: User Finds Way To Use SSD NVMe

There seems to be more than one way to expand storage for Xbox Series X|S console. According to the VGC website, a user of the Chinese website BiliBili discovered how to use a consumer SSD on the latest Microsoft consoles.

For this he used an SSD NVMe that is compatible with PCIe Gen 4 technology. He simply connected the part to the console using an NVMe to CFexpress converter.

This is the format used by Seagate’s proprietary storage expansion for: Xbox Series X|S, the only one officially supported so far.

SSD used is the same one already present in Xbox Series X|S

Only, to be completely safe, the BiliBili member used the Western Digital SN523 M.2 2230 SSD. This is the same model used by Microsoft as internal storage on the Xbox Series X|S console.

This made it possible to avoid any compatibility issues with other SSDs. So far there have been no tests with different models – so it’s not clear if the process would work with other storage options.

Another question that remains undefined in this experiment is whether it is sustainable in the long run. The SSD used does not have an integrated heat sink.

Proprietary Storage Expansion for Xbox Series X|S is $2,299

The ability to use an M.2 SSD on the console is something that appeals to players on a tighter budget and more tech savvy. That’s because Seagate’s own storage expansion costs $2,299, nearly the price of the Xbox Series S.

In the case of the PlayStation 5, a beta system update allowed players to install any M.2 SSD as long as it has enough performance to run games on the console.

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