Xbox Series X will turn into a refrigerator

Xbox keeps its promise to launch mini-fridges and beat Skittles, Spotify, MTV and more in an online survey. Microsoft’s promise of a mini-fridge modeled on the Xbox Series X has recently caught the attention of social media. Now this promise has become a reality and production is planned to start in the near future.

Twitter held a # BestOfTweets Brand Bracket competition comparing different online brands from the worlds of food, entertainment, sports and people’s choice. Xbox beat Spotify, MTV and Geico to reach the final. He eventually beat Skittles to become the first #BestOfTweets Brand Bracket champion.

The production date has not yet been determined

Before the Xbox became a champion, Xbox Marketing General Manager Aaron Greenberg promised his fans that “even if the company is a gaming giant, it will start production of Xbox Series X mini-fridges.” After winning the competition, Xbox sent a congratulatory tweet to Skittles and all other competing brands. “Stay tuned for updates on mini-fridges later this year,” the company added.

When the Xbox Series X was first revealed, fans indicated that the console looked like a rectangular prismatic refrigerator. Since then, some celebrities, like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, have even bought their own custom Xbox Series X mini-fridges. In this way, the Xbox fridge adventure has taken its popularity to the next level.

No date has been given for the Xbox Series X’s mini-fridges, which have been voiced by fans. As mentioned on social media, the production will definitely take place.

Hence, it is believed that there will be a lot of feedback on this matter in the near future. As fans, we will be following the release process of these refrigerators with curiosity.

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