Xiaomi announces Pocophone successor: meet Poco X3

Xiaomi announces Pocophone successor: meet Poco X3

The cell phone market is known for a fierce dispute of surprises, technology and innovation in relation to models and brands. Every day, launches promise to surpass previous ones, deliver greater solutions than competitors and offer the best user experience for fans.

This market has been increasingly busy by Chinese companies that come up against the big tech giants, bringing news that often surpass traditional brands and their renowned smartphone models.

One such company is Xiaomi. Founded in 2010, it operates in Brazil selling cell phones that already have unconditional fans. The current launch of the brand, the Poco X3, brings innovations that really matter to the user.

But where to buy a Xiaomi phone? What are the advantages that a Poco X3 offers? These and other questions will be answered here. Come on?

Meet the Poco X3, the new Xiaomi smartphone

The Poco X3 is the new bet of the Xiaomi subsidiary in Brazil. Probably, technology enthusiasts remember the Pocophone F1, which was very successful when it launched here and had its technological solutions approved by many. So it is possible to imagine the expectation that the new model is causing.

The first information about the Poco X3 is already running and promises a powerful device. With the launch taking place today (07), it is known, for example, that it features the latest Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 732G processor and a 120 Hz ultra-flat screen. The 5,160 mAh battery and 33-watt charger are also differentiators. In addition, the device will perform best in the latest technologies for a greater number of users. The screen is 6.67 inches AMOLED (Full HD + resolution).

If you are an enthusiast of the gamer universe, perhaps this is the right model to invest. That’s because it has Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 732G, an octa-core chip that is developed primarily for gaming. Not to mention that the device has 6 GB (or 8 GB) of RAM and 64 GB (or 256 GB) internal storage. The Poco X3 promises to have the best cost-benefit of the generation and to be a strong competitor in the smartphone market.

Where to buy Pocophone in Brazil?

If you are one of the technology enthusiasts and were excited by the launch of Xiaomi, know that it is possible to find the brand’s products in own stores in São Paulo and in importers. If you prefer, you can count on the websites of stores specializing in technology and smartphones. In the Brazilian e-commerce itself there are several options. If you want to save even more, take advantage of the AliExpress coupon and get more benefits when buying your Poco X3.


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