Home Tech Xiaomi launches MIJIA Projector Youth Edition 2

Xiaomi launches MIJIA Projector Youth Edition 2

Xiaomi launches MIJIA Projector Youth Edition 2

MIJIA – Xiaomi’s subsidiary responsible for the production of IoT equipment – has just launched another product on its crowdfunding platform: the MIJIA Projector Youth Edition 2.

The new projector, version “Youth”, arrives on the market with a resolution of 1920 × 1080, support for HDR10 decoding and also has a maximum brightness of 460 ANSI lumens. Other features present in the new projector are the presence of two highly sensitive microphones, which have support for anti-noise technology.

A highlight of MIJIA Projector Youth Edition 2 is the possibility of connecting it to other company IoT devices. When it is turned on, for example, it can be configured to automatically turn off the lights in the room. Another possible scenario is the reproduction – by the projector – of the image of a security camera in front of the house when the doorbell is activated. To do this, all that equipment is synchronized.

The projector also supports the side projection function, with approximately 45 ° trapezoidal calibration for both sides or up and down. It is also equipped with a highly sensitive camera that effectively improves the focus speed. And speaking of focus, its real-time autofocus system prevents thermal blurring of the image.

The MIJIA Projector Youth Edition 2 price in the financing period is ¥ 2,199 (approximately R $ 1,705.43 in direct conversion) After that, it will be officially marketed for ¥ 2,599 (R $ 2015.65).

So far there is no information about his arrival in Brazil. Remember that MIJIA also launched the second generation of the common version of Mijia Projector.



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