Xiaomi Mi Watch: See The 2 Versions Available

Xiaomi usually markets products with high cost-benefit ratios, which have a good technical record and, in most cases, a lower price than competitors. This gave the company space among Brazilians, which increased the popularity of various products. The smartwatch – or smartwatch – is one of them.

The Mi Watch line is not new, but they have great performance and cool features. The Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite presents itself as a cost-effective watch, due to its lower price and with only a few differences from the Mi Watch, which is ultimately a more complete Xiaomi watch.

Mi Watch


With a 1.4-inch high-resolution AMOLED screen and a rounded shape, the Mi Watch weighs 32 grams. The case is 45mm, made of polyamide (plastic) and fiberglass, while the strap is made of removable TPU. This ensures a good physical user experience, as it is a light and practical product to use and is also water resistant. The bracelet can be found in Black, Blue, Ivory and Green.

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