Xiaomi Sets a Date For Its Next Mi 11T Launch Event

Xiaomi is for many one of the Chinese reference brands. The company has managed to set itself apart from the rest of the companies with an impressive diversification. It varies from home automation, over household items to suitcases and backpacks. But we stick with what interests us in this article, which is the phones, and that is that the company has provided clues as to when they will be showcasing their next Mi11T.

Next week Xiaomi will have a new event

We are in September, a month when big events are expected in the world of technology. In particular, all those who have a smartphone or know what their rivals are doing will make new proposals. But now we need to focus on the Xiaomi firm with the presentation of the following members of the Mi T family.

The company has posted a tweet detailing the exact date of the event, which is slated to be next week. specifically, Xiaomi will hold its event on September 15th and does so by drawing attention to a very interesting point: fast charging. He hasn’t given any details about it yet, so we’ll have to wait to know all the details of the new device.

Phones and more

Xiaomi’s tweet is meant to inform users of the imminent arrival of their new phones, that’s a fact. She will do that on September 15, but it is not yet known exactly how many members she will present. Looking at the previous version, we can see a ‘basic’ terminal next to another with more abbreviated functions, the Lite, and the more powerful model that always bears the Pro last name. But what’s intriguing is what it adds when it says “phones and plus”.

As we said at the beginning, the company has devices in many segments, even electric scooters. But it is not yet certain what type of devices we will see at the event of the Chinese company next week. We’ll have to wait and see and when the time comes we’ll see what it is, although for now everything seems to have to do with batteries and charging times.

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