You can disable the resistance of triggers in FIFA 21, PS5

FIFA 21 allows PS5 players to deactivate the resistance of the DualSense triggers from within the game, possible through the system until now.

The latest update of FIFA 21 on PS5 allows you to remove the resistance of the DualSense triggers from within the game. After seeing a noticeable reduction in this aspect of the controller in the previous patch, you can now deactivate it without having to do this in the console settings.

As explained by EA Sports in the patch notes, available now, when the “enhanced vibration” option in the button settings is changed to “off or classic”, the intensity of the dynamic adaptive trigger effect will change to off, i.e. we can run without feeling any force when pressing the trigger.

What happened to the DualSense in FIFA 21?

For those who don’t know what’s happening with the FIFA 21 port for PS5, the sports simulator takes advantage of the new features of the fifth generation PlayStation controls. The DualSense has two key elements: haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. It’s the second point that has sparked controversy among the community, who saw a downside in dealing with the resistance of these buttons when wanting to run with a player.

The energy of the footballers was linked to the triggers: the more effort they put in, the harder it gets to squeeze. By switching so often between controlled players per game, you will notice resistance jumps within seconds. Some users shared “how uncomfortable” it is in practice, especially with online confrontations.

While the feature can be turned off through the system, it has been turned off from other games; you had to turn it back on (in case you wanted to) if you skipped over to Sackboy or Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, two of the titles that use it. In any case, it is now possible to configure it within the FIFA 21 options.

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