You can now pick up free Covid test kits at your pharmacy

People without Covid symptoms can now go to their local pharmacist to pick up a batch of Covid rapid test kits

540 Well Pharmacy branches across England are offering the new NHS Pharmacy Collect service.

People with no symptoms can visit their local Well pharmacy and collect a box of seven rapid coronavirus test kits to use at home twice a week for free. They can then enter their results on the NHS Test and Trace Portal.

The new NHS Pharmacy Collect service is part of the pandemic recovery and facilitates access to lateral flow devices to identify COVID positive cases in the community and disrupt the chain of transmission.

Janice Perkins, pharmacy superintendent for Well Pharmacy, said, “The community pharmacy continues to play a critical role in the fight against COVID-19. In addition to the introduction of the vaccine, regular testing plays an important role in helping us get out of lockdown safely.

“Around every third person with COVID-19 shows no symptoms. The new NHS Pharmacy Collect service in England will help find cases and break the chain of transmission to protect everyone in the local community.

“We encourage everyone to take up these free rapid tests – they can be done quickly and easily at your home.”

Anyone can request a box of test kits at the pharmacy counter. Use the pharmacy finder to find your local well pharmacy:

Tips for the side flow test

Before you start, make sure you have enough tests for everyone in your bladder

Think about basic hygiene

Wash your hands and clean the surface you plan to use (make sure the surface is flat).

Read the instructions

Side flow tests may be from different manufacturers. So always read the instructions before you begin. Most test kits come with a test device, a swab, a tube with a solution, a plastic tube for filling the solution, a test tube holder, and a waste bag

Make sure you have everything you need

Items that you might want to have on hand include a clock so you can take your time (it takes 15-30 minutes to show the result), a mirror so you can see your almonds, and tissues for you Disinfectants can clean your nose and hand.

If you have more than one child, write the initials on the test


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