‘You can’t really manufacture doctors and nurses that don’t exist’

“We put $ 100 million in emergency funding into our hospitals and nursing homes,” said Hogan. “We have waived the requirements for nurses, doctors and nurses outside of the state. We’ve accelerated the graduation of our nursing students so they can get off and off sooner to help. We have called up the Maryland National Guard. And we continue to take action every day, almost everyone – anything anyone can think of to help us do this.

“Look,” he said to Bash, “we think the next four to six weeks are really going to be a terrible point in this crisis. And it will possibly be the worst part of the entire two year struggle. “

Hogan, who said he had a mild Covid case in December, touted his state’s vaccination rate (92 percent) and said vaccines continue to be the best defense against severe cases.

“Eight percent of the unvaccinated population is responsible for 75 percent of all people who refill our Covid beds in hospitals,” he said.

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