Young girl suddenly loses hair and 'may need to shave' after family adopt a cat

A teenage girl started shedding her hair after her family adopted an adorable cat – and her parents say she may have to shave her head until the condition goes away.

When the young woman got the seemingly harmless new pet from her parents, they never suspected that she would go completely bald in just a week.

According to the news site Toutiao, the cat infected the girl with tinea capitis – a fungal infection of the scalp also known as scalp ringworm.

The condition can be detected through close contact with an infected animal or person.

The family from the city of Shenzhen in the southeastern Chinese province of Guangdong has now seen a doctor.

Girl started losing hair after having a cat at home in Shenzhen, China

They had to take the girl to a salon to have the affected area shaved for the infection to heal and may need to continue doing so.

Symptoms of tinea capitis include hair loss, redness, itching, and dry flaky spots – but the teen seems to have a sense of humor about the situation.

A clip circulating online can be seen the girl bowing her head and pouting jokingly while viewing the patch for the camera.

Girl started losing hair after having a cat at home in Shenzhen, China

She scowls and takes a sip of the smoothie before taking a mock, angry walk.

Fortunately, tinea capitis can usually be treated with an antifungal drug.

In the UK, pharmacists can help with cream, gel or spray, which usually clears the rash in around four weeks.


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