Young mum who loves cleaning is 'more popular online than Mrs Hinch'

A young mom’s love of cleaning has led her to become more popular online than Ms. Hinch.

Abbi McMilan, 26 years old, has more followers on social media than the famous cleansing guru.

The mother of two posted videos of herself cleaning everyday household items on Tik Tok seven months ago and now has over 1.5 million followers.

The Liverpool echo recounts how she became such a viral hit, she receives requests from fans in America to ask them to clean their houses.

Abbi, of Huyton, Merseyside, set up her account with Clean with Abbi TikTok in October and has since accumulated a whopping 16 million likes compared to Ms. Hinch’s 500,000.

But she denies that she is a “Frau Hinch wannabe” – a few years ago she set up an Instagram account dedicated to cleaning, but was so embarrassed that she deleted it.

“At first I just watched YouTube and cleaned up videos to get motivation,” said Abbi. “I just loved seeing her and it was my kind of downtime when the kids were in bed.

“I noticed a couple of cleaning accounts already, so I made mine in October and it was literally blown up right away.

“I had a couple of videos that went viral and then other sites started sharing my content and it just got a little crazy.”

Sophie Hinchcliffe, also known as Ms. Hinch, has 3.6 million followers

Abbi, mother of two, said she also does her best to keep her house spotless, adding, “I like to try, but it’s hard because my partner is like my third child so it’s very hard and me feel like I can relax more when everything is done. “

But the cleansing influencer said while loving Ms. Hinch she was trying to make sure she was different with her own content.

“I try to stay away because I’m my own person and sometimes a few people say Ms. Hinch would-be,” Abbi said.

“I actually created an Instagram account a few years ago and didn’t tell my family anything. I was embarrassed that it was a cleaning account and I ended up deleting it.

“That was all before Ms. Hinch became very popular and it’s just strange, looking back, that I was embarrassed and I shouldn’t have done it.”

In fact, Abbi’s account has become so popular that it has even received requests from people in America asking them to come over and clean their homes in the US.

She added, “People in America ask me where I am and want me to clean their house. It’s crazy but I always think about how much to charge.

“I always get inquiries in my inbox asking for advice.”

The cleaning enthusiast never thought she would become a social media influencer adored by millions of people around the world and is still surprised by this fact.

“People say I’m a cleaning influencer and everything still feels a little crazy to me to be honest,” she said.

Fortunately, Abbi likes to clean, so filming yourself isn’t a chore.

“The sink is my favorite cleanser,” she added. “It’s very therapeutic for me. Say if I have a busy day I’ll clean it up and then I’ll be just happy.”


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