Young woman, 22, 'punched in face for wearing skirt' while walking home

Young woman, 22, 'punched in face for wearing skirt' while walking home

A young woman was allegedly slapped in the face by three men for wearing a skirt.

The 22-year-old, known only as Elisabeth, was on her way home in Strasbourg, France last Friday when she was violently assaulted.

The victim claims she was held by two men and beaten by a third just because they were angry with her clothes.

she said France Bleu : “One of the three men said to me: ‘Look at that in a skirt. ‘

“I took the liberty of answering ‘Sorry’. Then they answered me: “You shut up and lower your eyes.”

“Two of them grabbed my arm and the third hit me in the face. And then the three fled. “

Elisabeth, a foreign language student, claims more than a dozen people witnessed the attack that left them blacked, even though no one intervened.

Despite the terrible ordeal, the victim says she will not let the attack affect her confidence.

“I’ve thought a lot about perspective, it could have been a lot worse,” she said.

“Life is so short, so many beautiful things happen.

“We mustn’t let ourselves be defeated and be afraid to go out or wear a skirt.”

Following the news of the alleged attack, the French government asked the nation to dress however they want.

Spokesman Gabriel Attal said: “In France we must be able to go out on the streets dressed as we want.

“We cannot accept that a woman in France today feels in danger, either molested, threatened or beaten, for dressing like this.”

Marlence Schiappa, Minister of the Interior of France, said on the radio in Bleu-Alsace in France: “A woman is never hit because she wears a skirt.

“A woman is hit because there are people who are misogynistic, sexist and violent and who break free of laws or rules of courtesy by striking.”



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