Your Guide to Getting Up and Moving Around While Working From Home

If you’ve finally set up a productive home-working environment – where you’re barely distracted and can email for hours at a time – you may be less motivated to increase your daily steps.

However, getting up while working from home should happen really are also on your daily to do list.

“It’s important to get up and move all day long,” he confirms Dr. Jasmine MarcusPT, DPT, CSCS. “This keeps your blood circulating well and can also help keep aches and pains from staying in one position for too long.”

Maybe that translates to sore knees, a stiff back, or a tense neck and shoulders.

So, how often do you have to get up from your chair?

“There is no exact rule for how often you have to get up, but somewhere between every half hour and every two hours is a good bet,” Dr. Marcus. During this period, stretch anything that feels tight or just walk around. Again, no rule for how long the break should be. ”

Dr. Marcus says it can also be helpful to change workstations as the day progresses.

“You can try to vary your workspace if possible by sitting on different surfaces and chairs throughout the day. You can also try standing with your computer or during phone calls to get more variety,” she adds.

After all, there are more than a few ways to make a standing desk – or any other type of desk – at home.

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