Your reactions on Twitter to Matt Hancock's resignation

Matt Hancock has resigned as Health Secretary – and in addition to writing a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, he posted a video on Twitter explaining why he resigned.

Mr Hancock resigned the day after video material surfaced kissing an assistant in his ministerial office in order to breach coronavirus restrictions.

Pictures and videos showed Mr Hancock hugging counselor Gina Coladangelo last month, and the health minister was facing increasing pressure to quit for violating social distancing rules.

On his Twitter video, he said, “I understand the enormous sacrifices everyone has made in this country. And those of us who make these rules have to abide by them, and that’s why I have to resign.

“I want to thank people for their incredible sacrifices and what they have done. Everyone who works in the NHS, in all of social services, everyone involved in the vaccination program and, frankly, everyone in this country who has faced the challenges we have seen over the past 18 months. “

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And users of the social media platform have been reacting since the film material was published.

One user, Matty, said, “We have lost one of the best health ministers the country has ever had. This witch hunt has gone too far.”

But Nick Gallagher wrote, “You’re just sorry you got caught. #crocodiletears “

Another user named Blue Streak said, “I’m sorry you’re leaving. You did a good job as Minister of Health under very difficult circumstances.”

Ian Kirk commented, “You only quit because you got caught. Get well soon.”

Jake Sansom said, “Cheer up Matt, at least you know you went out with honor and saved the nation with your vaccine and app!”

One Twitter user named Michael wrote, “Nobody really cares what you have to say since you decided to betray all the people who obeyed the rules and made sacrifices.”

And another named Syed joked, “I can’t wait to see you on Love Island.”

Meanwhile, Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer wrote on Twitter that Mr Hancock “had the right to resign,” adding, “But Boris Johnson should have fired him.”

And with regard to the Euro 2020 soccer tournament, the sports broadcaster Gary Lineker wrote: “Who would have thought that? Matt Hancock is out of England. “


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