'You're the arsonist here': Fiery debate between NBC host, GOP senator

“You are the arsonist here,” Todd said to Johnson as he spoke of electoral fraud fighting. “President Trump is the arsonist here. You started this fire and now you say whoa, look at this, oh my god, all these people believe what we told them because they didn’t have the guts to tell the truth about it to say choice was fair. “

Johnson responded by accusing the mass media of working to overthrow Trump throughout his tenure. “This fire started back in January 2017,” he said.

Both said they had “enough” of these arguments, but then quickly circled back to them.

Todd said Johnson had “spent the last two years supplying President Trump with a lot of insane conspiracy water” and asked Johnson if his efforts to fight electoral college results certification were “a cynical political ploy”.

“I try to be transparent,” Johnson said before citing unconfirmed election fraud allegations from Nevada.

“Just because someone says it’s not true,” Todd said, and later added, “You have to wonder if you tell people a million times that something was stolen or something was fraud and they believe it,” I think , you have to look in the mirror. “

Returning to an attack on the media, Johnson returned: “I didn’t criticize Democrats when they talked about potential voting machine hacking, but now it’s quack and conspiracy theory. That’s the problem, Chuck. There’s a double standard, and we ‘ I am opaque and reject the concerns of tens of millions of Americans. Again, I did not light this fire. This fire was lit over four years ago and … you have destroyed the credibility of the news media with your prejudice. “”

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