YouTuber who beat girlfriend to death for money on sick livestream jailed

A YouTuber who killed his girlfriend on a disgusting live stream before telling viewers she wasn’t breathing has been jailed for six years.

Vlogger Stanislav ‘ReeFlay’ Reshetnikov, 30, real name Reshetnyak, abused Valentina ‘Valya’ Grigoryeva, 28, when he attacked her near his home in Moscow.

Paid by observers to use verbal and physical violence, he described the victim as “prostitute” and “smelly” in a video broadcast that aired to tens of thousands of followers.

During the current, Reshetnyak dragged Ms. Gigoryeva outside almost naked to a balcony and left her there when the temperature was below zero.

Initial reports said the victim was frozen to death, but forensic examination later revealed that a head injury sustained during the attack was the cause of death.

When Reshetnikov brought her back into the house, he said to the audience: “Guys … no pulse … she is pale. She is not breathing.”

He was convicted of grievous bodily harm resulting in death and sentenced by a Russian court to six years in prison in a severe penal colony.

When he went to court in Moscow, his mother Elena Reshetnyak was seen on video kissing him before he appeared sobbing and flanked by armed officers.

Ms. Grigoryeva’s body had “craniocerebral trauma” and “multiple facial bruises and soft tissue bleeding”.

Valentina Grigoryeva

Valentina Grigoryeva

Reshetnyak “testified that he hit the deceased on the head several times on the day in question,” and admitted that he “hit her,” a law enforcement agency said.

Initial reports that she was pregnant were later denied.

Psychological and psychiatric examinations of the streamer showed that he was “healthy” and on trial.

Stas Reshetnikov

He was convicted of “deliberately inflicting serious bodily harm dangerous to human life, committed using an object used as a weapon and resulting in the victim’s death through negligence”.

His mother, brothers and sister who attended his trial have been described by NTV as “very subdued and refusing to speak to the media”.

Ms. Reshetnyak, a sales manager, had previously said that her son “wouldn’t hurt a kitten” and was “very nice”.

Stas Reeflay

Valentina Gavrilova

Leading Russian Senator Aleksey Pushkov has called for specific legal punishments, including tougher sentences and fines for “trash streams” indicative of cruelty.

“This is becoming more widespread, so there is a need to legally respond to this form of activity,” he said.

“If we are talking about direct involvement or complicity in the murder, the sentence can of course be longer.”


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