Zoom unveils new features and privacy measures

Zoom unveils new features and privacy measures

The video conferencing tool Zoom has introduced a number of new features, including quick access to other apps such as Dropbox and an event platform during the call, as the service is to establish itself as the “future of communication”.

The video calling app became popular at the start of the coronavirus pandemic when millions of people turned to Zoom to work from home and keep in touch with friends and family.

Although the platform faced a number of security issues, a 90-day program to revise its privacy settings introduced a number of new measures to better secure the app. Now high-profile figures are keen to keep Zoom moving.

At its Zoomtopia conference, the company unveiled OnZoom, a new event space that allows users to organize and host online conferences and other events.

The platform enables hosts to organize tickets and attendees, and to run all event-related fundraising drives within Zoom.

Zoom also confirmed the launch of Zapps, zoom-based versions of popular productivity apps like Dropbox, Slack, and Google Docs that users can access through Zoom while on a call.

Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom, said the company is looking to add features that will best serve its users.

“One thing we have learned in these challenging times is that remote working works. The future will bring a mix of the best in-person and virtual communication.

“The announcements we’re making at Zoomtopia today show that Zoom was designed for this moment and beyond. We have the platform to support what the world needs – today, tomorrow and into the future. “

Also at the conference, Zoom confirmed that the promised introduction of end-to-end encryption for video calls will be available via a technical preview starting next week.

According to Zoom, this is optional, but free and paid Zoom users can toggle it on and off at will – even from meeting to meeting, the company said.

Among other security updates announced, Zoom announced it was introducing video waiting rooms so hosts can see guests on camera before they let them in.



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