Zoom Will Reset Your Virtual Background After Each Meeting

Zoom: There are many companies today that have maintained the telecommuting standards that they applied during the pandemic. It is true that not all companies are created equal, but companies where presence is expendable can afford this luxury. There are applications such as: Zoom are essential and this is the case when you have an assistant who will change the virtual background for you in any situation.

Zoom prevents personal data from being leaked by the camera

Video conferencing applications have become one of the most common in the past year. Many have even had to set up their own home office to continue their work despite the circumstances. This has resulted in many people having to display the living room of their home with the large number of photos of themselves and the family on the shelves.

Therefore, every time you video call some of your work users, you are revealing information to them. For this reason, many use the virtual background feature to avoid seeing everything behind you. Unfortunately, this feature was disabled every time you rejoined a meeting, so you had to reset it every time.

Happy, Zoom will post a feature to automatically post the virtual wallpaper after each meeting. This feature not only saves you time when you join the meeting, but also helps you with automatic placement.

Other Zoom news

Besides the function to reset the virtual background after each meeting, it has to do with the events held from the application. Finally it is possible to post activated videos for the presentation you are going to make.

It will also activate the exhibition mode, which will help to give a virtual perspective to all the events you would go to with its particular booths and where each can play a video at the same time,

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