Zorin OS: new Linux distribution will bring Windows 10X design

Zorin OS: Microsoft hasn’t released Windows 10X yet, but it’s already serving as an inspiration to the market. Soon the Linux distribution will be known as Zorin OS will get a version with a design similar to Microsoft’s operating system.

Called Zorin OS 16 Ultimate, the Linux-based operating system, will be released in the next quarter with a Windows 10X-inspired look. As can be seen in the first images of the software, the icons are centered on the toolbar and the design has a grid menu.

In addition to bringing a look similar to Windows 10X, the new one Zorin OS adopt concepts present in Google’s solution. The promise is that the Linux operating system will also be optimized for a variety of applications, with features designed for keyboard and mouse, touchpad and touch screens.

More options

The makers of Zorin OS optionally launches the new design inspired by Windows 10X. That is, anyone used to the conventional desktop can still use the default look.

The makers of Zorin OS also released a new beta of the operating system with more customization features. For those who like Linux and are inclined to give the system a try, additional details about the latest version are available on this website.

Although the new design of the Zorin OS won’t arrive until next quarter, interface may already be launched for Windows 10X. According to rumors, Microsoft will not be able to release the operating system until the second half, if the project is not delayed again.

Although information on the release of Windows 10X is still sparse, the operating system appeared in use earlier this year, showing that the solution is still under development

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