74+ Tattoo Captions For Instagram

tattoo captions

Do you have a favorite tattoo that you love to show off? Or maybe you’ve got a few tattoos that you like, but you’re not sure what to write about them? Well, worry no more! In this blog, we’ll give you some great tattoo captions that will help you capture the essence of your tattoos in a sentence or two. From funny to heartfelt, these captions will help you show off your ink!

Tattoo Captions

tattoo captions

Looking for a creative way to show off your ink? You have come to the right place. Check out our list of tattoo captions that will have everyone talking! From funny to profound, these captions are sure to get you noticed. Add some of these captions to your list and see how effectively they work!

  • In a relationship with my tattoo.
  • I have a strong will to love you for eternity.
  • Whatever doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger.
  • My tattoo is Royal.
  • Tattoo makes me smart, glamorous, clever.
  • The tattoo makes me cool.
  • The neck is a beautiful place to have sultry artwork.
  • Keep calm and take a tattoo selfie.
  • Be your own kind of beautiful.
  • New tattoo, new selfie.
  • My first tattoo selfie.
  • My tattoo makes me attitude king.
  • It’s always a good day for a new tattoo.
  • This tattoo makes me funny.
  • A drop of ink makes a million think.
  • Tattoos are a permanent commitment of passion.
  • I’m getting really tired of being too broke for new tattoos.
  • Don’t let others decide your tattoo design.
  • Lovely cool tattoo.
  • I hope I didn’t misspell anything.
  • Don’t copy my Tattoo.
  • A tattoo is more attractive to your body.
  • A tattoo doesn’t make you look like an individual.
  • A tattoo doesn’t make you look like an individual.
  • Tattoos are no more just sailor things.
  • Too wild to live, too rare to die.
  • Every day is the best day to get a tattoo.
  • Tuesdays are for tattoos!
  • My tattoo is fashionable.
  • My tattoos are my story.
  • You think you have more pain, get a tattoo then!

Tattoo Captions For Instagram

tattoo captions for instagram

There’s nothing like a good tattoo to add some spice to your social media account. From fun and interesting tattoo instagram captions to badass references, these tattoos captions will have you sharing pictures of your latest creation with the world. So whether you’re looking for inspiration or just want to show off your latest ink, check out our list of tattoo captions for Instagram.

  • The universality of tattooing is a curious subject for speculation.
  • I’ve got tattoos; I’m a subculture. Some kind of post-teen bag lady, that’s me.
  • Some artworks are exceptional, and the tattoo is one.
  • The tattoo has a profound meaning: the superficiality of modern man’s existence.
  • I have printed a tattoo on my body.
  • Tattooing is about personalizing the body, making it a true home and fit temple for the spirit that dwells inside it.
  • Tattoo. What a loaded word it is, rife with associations to goons, goofs, bikers, tribal warriors, carnival artists, drunken
  • My tattoo reminds me of my origin.
  • My body is my journal and my tattoos are my story.
  • Your vibe attracts your tribe.
  • Tattoos have power and magic all their own. They decorate the body but they also enhance the soul.
  • My tattoos are reminders to hang in there when things get tough.
  • I look at tattoos as a commitment to life.
  • Tattoo people have an extra attitude all time.
  • Our bodies were printed as blank pages to be filled with the ink of our hearts.
  • Keep calm and do a tattoo on your body.
  • New Rule: Any tattoo that has more than one line is too long
  • Tattoos, for me, are like a timeline of my life.
  • I am in love with my tattoos, extremely in love with them!
  • Tattoos exude pain and pleasure all at the same time.
  • Do you want to stick needles in the living or scalpels in the dead?
  • Show me a man with a tattoo and I’ll show you a man with an interesting past.
  • My tattoo depicts the most challenging chapters of my Life.
  • Nothing can be more beautiful than a beautiful tattoo on your body.
  • Tattoos are like stories — they’re symbolic of the important moments in your life.
  • Beauty is skin deep. A tattoo goes all the way to the bone.
  • Good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good.
  • I’ll become someone new. Through blood and pain and ink, I can be remade.
  • The tattoo can only exist as part of the skin, as a drawing always is an incision in the material and therefore cannot be parted from it.
  • A great tattoo is a statement, not a style. And getting it is a journey, not a destination.
  • You can never go wrong with the right tattoo.

Tattoo Quotes

tattoo quotes

Tattoos are a statement of self and a personal reflection. They can be symbols of love, strength, and courage, or simply commemorate an event in someone’s life. No matter what your reason for getting a tattoo, we think it’s important to share some of our favorite tattoo quotes with you. We hope they’ll inspire you to reflect on your own story!

  • “A tattoo doesn’t make you look like an individual.” – Talcott Parsons
  • “I love you, Kell, but I had no interest in matching tattoos.” ― V.E. Schwab
  • “I do have a few little tattoos, but they were mostly done to cover scars because I’m so fair.” – Unknown
  • “The world is divided into two kinds of people: those who have tattoos, and those who are afraid of people with tattoos.” – Unknown
  • “Reason For Not Getting a Tattoo: People will know you are running your own life, instead of listening to them!” – Sailor Jerry Collins (tattoo artist)
  • “A tattoo is true poetic creation and is always more than meets the eye. As a tattoo is grounded on living skin, so its essence emotes a poignancy unique to the mortal human condition.” – Unknown
  • “The ink of a pen is simply the blood of a heart.” ― Michael Biondi
  • “If you like how people look when they’re all covered in tattoos, then you should be covered in tattoos.” – Lil Peep
  • “Show me a man with a tattoo and I’ll show you a man with an interesting past.” – Jack London
  • “Beauty is skin deep. A tattoo goes all the way to the bone.” – Vince Hemingson
  • “People are proud of their tattoos. It’s like a modern coat of arms.” – Christian Louboutin
  • “They keep track of time. Sometimes things happen and you feel that you need to mark them down.” ― Scott O’Connor

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