Akinator Guess What Character You’re Thinking About For Alexa

akinator: You must have heard about akinator. The game consists of a large database and can guess which person the player is thinking, be it real or fictional. For this, the ghost of the lamp asks some yes or no questions, until it magically presents the result to the user.

Developed by French programmers and launched on the internet in 2007, the game quickly became a huge success in various places around the world such as Germany, France, the Netherlands and Brazil. That popularity meant that over time it got versions for other platforms such as Android, iOS and for Alexa, Amazon’s famous virtual assistant.

So if before you had to open the game in the browser and mark your answers with your mouse, today it is possible to play while performing other functions at home, using only your voice to say yes or no.

Moreover, with the end of the year approaching, this is also a great way to entertain the whole family and friends during the typical festive celebrations of the season. If you have the Amazon device and you want to activate akinator, just follow the step by step below:

Open the Amazon account synced with Alexa through your browser or app.
If you are accessing from your computer, look for: “Akinator” in the search bar and click on the application to open the page. Select the “Enable” button. However, if you are logging in via your smartphone, click on “Skills” in the main menu of the app and search for “Akinator” in the available search bar. Go to the game page and press “Activate”.
Wait a few minutes for the configuration to sync with the device and for the game to be available for launch.

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